About us

We are excited to embark on our big adventure, moving from Nashville, Tennessee to Budapest, Hungary. The vibrant city of Budapest will be our home base and from there we plan to travel throughout Europe to destinations both big and small. It will be a year of excitement, challenges, growth, and reflection. By sharing our stories we hope to inspire global curiosity and to encourage other families to seek out adventure.

Who are we? Andrea is first and foremost mom to two littles, Mr J and little Miss E. She is a physical therapist who is passionate about fitness, reading, and exploring. Gabe is a magician who balances his time as super dad and software engineer while mastering his balloon animal making skills. Mr J is a creative five year old who loves legos, art, reading, and digging for worms. Little Miss E is a head-strong princess loving three year old who lives in an imaginary world most of the day.

Why Budapest? The idea of moving to Budapest is several years in the making. Gabe is Hungarian and his side of the family continues to live in a small town just over the Hungarian border in Slovakia. It is important to both of us that our children are immersed in the Hungarian culture, learn the language, and have an opportunity to be closer to his side of the family. It is our hope that this global experience will foster curiosity and provide ample opportunities to develop empathy, flexibility/adaptability, problem solving skills, and ultimately, an appreciation for different cultures and people. Budapest itself is an amazing city, rich in culture, fascinating history, and overflowing with beautiful architecture. It also happens to be a well-connected city perfect for travel throughout Europe. We are excited to soon call this beautiful city home!

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